On last sales you bought trekking boots but you haven’t used them yet? Good. Your chance is here. Put a lot of food, water, phocamera and many battery packs in your backpack. Ready?

Halfway between Olbia and Cagliari, on the SS125, one of the Italy’s most twisty roads, bikers favorite destination from all over the world, there is Cala Gonone, a little town hamlet of near townlet Dorgali.

From Cala Gonone, on summer, many boats takes everyday thousands of people to Orosei’s Gulf beautiful beaches.

But we, and our trekking boots, don’t need boats. We have to going to Cala Fuili, a little beach near Cala Gonone. This little bay, easily reachable with car, is the starter point of the trekking way to Cala Luna, considered the best beautiful beach of Mediterranean Sea.

The trail is marked good; the road climbs up and down on the canyons that going on sea, where you can take many beautiful photos. In about two hours, we arrive in Cala Luna beach, tired, but satisfied by our trekking boots performance. Anyway, now it’s time to take boots off and to dig our feet into the sand.

If our adventure started soon enough, we have few hours to stay on the beach in complete loneliness; then pick your camera and take thousand pictures of shiny beautiful sea, pink rose-laurel flowers and majestic landscape of the rocks. After filling all of our memory cards, we can finally going to swim. Try to describe how really fun is swimming in this sea, one of Europe cleanest, it’s impossible. If you don’t try it, you can’t understand.

An hydromassage is a stressful experience, in comparison. But the time is gone, first boat is coming and we have to going home. If you want, you can come back on boat, but we hate comforts, right?

Come on! Dry yourself, put your boots on, take your backpack and ready to go.

Have a nice walk.

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