I remember one morning, the end of the 80s, the sun was very hot on our heads, school had just finished, our parents had allowed us to leave home and we, my friend and I, two children sitting on a big rock, we used to discuss when we’d make our own A-Team by munching on a Kinder Bueno. I still feel the taste of that cream, I see the ants running wild near us, I feel the heat of the stone. We didn’t have all the distractions of now, a moment was a moment and you were there with all of yourself. Nostalgia is a positive feeling, it reminds us that we have had good times, it reminds us that we have lived period. This magic can be rediscovered a little by taking a trip with our campers. They are not the most comfortable on the market, it is true, they are not the most modern, but they are formidable travel companions and they, together with your desire to discover and experience a new adventure, will be all you need to feel good. And maybe one day, sitting on a bench somewhere in the world, you will gladly remember every detail of what you did. The small kitchen, the clothes hanging outside taking advantage of the branches of the trees, sleeping with a view of the sea, the midday heat.

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