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Some tips for a smooth journey

Renting a camper in Sardinia is an excellent choice for those who love traveling with freedom, exploring the wonders of nature, and enjoying an adventurous vacation. However, before embarking on this experience, it’s important to have the necessary information to fully enjoy your journey.

Here, we will provide you with a list of frequently asked questions about renting our campers. You will discover the requirements for renting, the rules of the road to follow, and many other useful pieces of information. Read through these simple guidelines to have a comprehensive overview of the service and make your vacation unforgettable.

General Terms and Conditions

Of course! It is possible to park your car at our location free of charge.

In the event that during the rental period the customer commits an offense for which immediate contestation by a police officer is not provided or not possible, Discover with Camper company will receive the fine from the issuing authority. The company will then proceed to send the data, documents of the renting customer, and the rental contract. The cost for handling the notification to the authority is 20.00€.

For any electrical or mechanical issues with the camper, you must contact Discover With Camper directly, otherwise a fee of €300.00 will be charged.
We provide free assistance within 200 km from the designated pickup point. If the damage is caused by the renter, the cost of additional kilometers will be their responsibility, ranging from €1.50/km to €2.00/km. If the vehicle is located on rough or unpaved roads that may pose difficulties for the tow truck, the renter will be responsible for paying the additional fee requested by the recovery company for the special removal of the vehicle.

The vehicle is delivered and must be returned with a full tank of diesel, otherwise an additional fee of €30.00 will be charged. The kitchen kit and accessories must be returned washed and stored as they were at the time of delivery, otherwise a fee of €30.00 will apply. Failure to clean the interior of the vehicle, empty cabinets, refrigerator, and failure to empty the chemical toilet and greywater tanks will result in an additional fee of €50.00.

Check-Out time is from 8:00 to 11:00, and Check-In time is from 14:00 to 20:00. A maximum delay of 30 minutes is tolerated. Any delay exceeding 30 minutes will result in an additional day of rental charge, except in the case of mechanical breakdown, where no penalty will be applied.

Yes, only if made within 60 days from the start date of the rental. If the cancellation occurs between the 60th and 31st day, the penalty is 20% of the rental cost. If the cancellation occurs between the 30th and 16th day, the penalty is 50% of the rental cost. If the cancellation occurs after the 16th day, the penalty is the full rental cost, and no refund is due if the client starts the rental period late or ends it early.

You can pick up the camper directly at our headquarters in Bari Sardo or at the Europcar car rental agency in Tortolì. If you arrive at Cagliari Airport, you can reach us by bus, by renting a car, or you can request a transfer service for an additional fee. The vehicle can be delivered upon signing the rental agreement and payment of the required security deposit of €1000.

It is necessary to make a reservation online through the dedicated webpage. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email with the details to make the payment via bank transfer for a 30% deposit of the total booking cost. The remaining 70% will be paid upon your arrival, along with the security deposit of €1000. Additional charges for extras will also be settled at that time. We accept payments via bank transfer and credit card. The security deposit will be refunded within 7 days after the end of the rental period via bank transfer (subject to agreements in case of damages).

Anyone can drive, regardless of the renting customer who signed the rental agreement, as long as they are at least 23 years old and hold a valid European category B driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years.

Travelling with camper vans

After contacting us and finding a solution to retrieve the broken-down camper, in the event of an extended stoppage caused by a vehicle malfunction and not by the driver, if available, we will offer you a replacement camper. If a replacement is not possible and no other solutions are found, the remaining rental amount will be refunded to you.

Throughout the web, you’ve chosen us! You’ve chosen them: our legendary and unique campers that have over 30 years of stories and roads traveled. So you know, you want this special vacation not with just any car zooming at 130 km/h on highways that don’t exist in Sardinia, but with a vehicle that barely reaches 90 km/h and invites you to slow down, allowing you to enjoy the sun on your face while observing the landscape. You can taste the air that doesn’t just smell like the sea or mountains, but also like the animals that may accompany you on the road. The aroma of aging cheeses or cured hams as you pass by local shops, the sight of elderly people still gathering in the town square, chatting about stories and legends… This is the Sardinia that awaits you, the Sardinia that you discover with our campers.
You just have to take care of them and treat them with respect. They will let you know if you’re going too fast or if something is wrong. You only need to have the sensitivity to listen to them. In return, you’ll be rewarded with the privacy and hospitality that only they can provide, as if you were at home.

We won’t give you a detailed list, you’re capable! But we can advise you to bring only the essentials. Once you’ve checked the weather forecast, calculated the number of vacation days, and know that you’ll have a collapsible 10-liter basin for washing your clothes, as well as clothesline and clothespins for drying them. In larger cities, laundry services and token-operated machines are available. If you tend to get cold easily, we’ll provide you with a complimentary (upon request) down jacket or sleeping bag for cooler nights!

The keyword is: freedom, and the direct synonym is autonomy. Our campers can provide you with that because they are equipped with electrical systems that accompany you at all times, from driving to short and long stops. Here’s a summary:

  • On the road (12V mode active): You can charge your devices using the available USB outlets, use the refrigerator and lighting without any problems, all while charging the service battery!
  • Free camping (220V mode active): USB and 3-way outlets are available, running water for the sink and shower, the refrigerator, and lighting are always at your disposal (with some precautions such as not constantly opening the fridge or leaving the door open, LED lighting allows for reduced consumption, but always with a watchful eye!)
  • Stay in equipped areas (220V mode with cable active): USB and 3-way outlets are available, running water for the sink and shower, the refrigerator, and lighting are always at your disposal. Being connected to a continuous power source, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can also connect chargers for devices like cameras, laptops, etc.

Unfortunately, free camping is not allowed in Sardinia, but that doesn’t prevent our campers from stopping anywhere, including designated parking areas! Their compact size not only allows you to explore the island’s smaller roads, but also enables you to park wherever you want!

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