• Three tips if you want to rent one of our campers

    Three tips if you want to rent one of our campers

    If you intend to rent one of our SUPER CAMPER, and it is your first experience, perhaps you will be pleased to have some small suggestions: 1) Plan in relation to the time you have: it sometimes happens that our [...]

    Anna Bosco


  • Create memories

    Create memories

      I remember one morning, the end of the 80s, the sun was very hot on our heads, school had just finished, our parents had allowed us to leave home and we, my friend and I, two children sitting on [...]

    Anna Bosco


  • Van and Nature

    Van and Nature

    One of the simplest and most beautiful experiences you could have, if you have just rented one of our Vans, is to grant yourself one or a few nights away from everything and everyone. Our island and even more our [...]

    Anna Bosco


  • Bari Sardo

    Bari Sardo




  • 10 Things To Do in Sardinia

    10 Things To Do in Sardinia

    The Ogliastra’s area (Ollastra for its inhabitants) has become the province in 2005, the chief towns are Lanusei and Tortolì, and is located in the central-eastern Sardinia, inhabited since Neolithic times, now it consists of 23 municipalities, but it appears [...]



  • Christmas Shopping in Alghero

    Christmas Shopping in Alghero

    After summer, Alghero takes a couple of months of relax and stops a little bit, lulled by its sea that cools down. The town snuggles on itself and seems to embrace its citizens after that the crowd of tourists is [...]



  • Cala Luna

    Cala Luna

    On last sales you bought trekking boots but you haven’t used them yet? Good. Your chance is here. Put a lot of food, water, phocamera and many battery packs in your backpack. Ready? Halfway between Olbia and Cagliari, on the [...]



  • Olbia, a 4000 years-long trip

    Olbia, a 4000 years-long trip

    Olbia, in the northeast of Sardinia, is one of the entrance doors of the island. Almost all the towns of Costa Smeralda belong to its province, so when you think about Olbia, you imagine fabulous beaches and posh boutiques. At [...]



  • Ogliastra, an island in the Island

    Ogliastra, an island in the Island

    Ogliastra, an island in the Island We often hear that Sardinia, thanks to its countless environments, climates and landscapes, is not just an island, but a continent. What most people don't know is that such continent has another one in [...]