One of the simplest and most beautiful experiences you could have, if you have just rented one of our Vans, is to grant yourself one or a few nights away from everything and everyone. Our island and even more our province, Ogliastra, retains special spaces, near the sea or along the roads that cross the mountains, where you can experience contact with nature without too many compromises and without spending a single penny. Disconnect the connection, listen to the sounds of the earth around you, take advantage of these moments to chat, take souvenir photos, enjoy the time without the anxiety, that you may have had all year, of having to do something by force. Here are two of our favorite places to live this experience.

1) Coccorrocci is a pebble beach located on the marina of Gairo. On the way that leads us to this place, which is wonderful, a ridge overlooking the sea dominated by bright red rocks, about halfway, immediately after a wooden kiosk, there is an entrance. This is where you have to enter. In front of you the spectacle of the sea, the junipers, the rocks. It happened to me, passing by sea with the Sup very early in the morning, to see some little Van parked, someone doing Yoga alone after a night in front of this spectacle of nature.

2) One of the roads I love most in our province is the one that leads from Lanusei to Villagrande Strisaili, a series of curves surrounded by woods, meadows and pastures. Go slowly because often some cows decide to leave the fields to rest in the middle of the lanes. In this section, finding a small space for the night with your camper is very simple. Waking up with the cows will certainly be different from all your other previous awakenings.

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